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Gold Buying & Trade-Ins

We all have the old, unwanted jewelry that’s just cluttering up our drawers! Instead of letting it sit there to collect dust, bring it by your local Sharifs! We are more than happy to help you figure out what to do with it all!

Instead of having to deal with the uncertainty of selling to a private party or having to worry about being undercut at your local pawn shop or online, we will give you a free evaluation on the spot! At Sharifs, we offer top dollar for gold, silver, precious stones, and watches!

If you love jewelry as much as we do, we understand that if you part with an item, you will want something new to replace it! That is why we even offer top dollar with our trade in policy towards any new jewelry you see at our stores!

At Sharif’s, it’s simple! Just bring in your jewelry and let us help you the rest of the way! Please feel free to stop by or call any of our Sharif Location for additional information or inquiries! And if you have time, don’t forget to grab a cup of our famous coffee!


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