Upgrade Policy


Upgrade Policy

  • Gemstones and Diamonds
    Any Sharif diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire you have, as well as any diamond stud earrings or solitaire pendants you purchase, you’ll receive the full value that you paid as credit toward the purchase of any other gemstone of greater value. All that is required is a minimum one-dollar increase. Wear and tear on gemstones will be deducted from value.
  • Jewelry
    To trade in any qualifying jewelry that was originally purchased at Sharif's, simply spend double the original purchase amount to get full credit of your original purchase. Damaged goods will need to be evaluated to determine their value. If you don’t spend double the purchase price, we will give you 50% of the original value to put towards your new jewelry purchase.
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Lifetime Warranty


Lifetime Warranty

Our Promise to You:

At Sharif Fine Jewelers, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. That is why we cover your purchase with our Lifetime Warranty.

We will inspect, clean, and maintain your jewelry for as long as you own it. We warrant and guarantee the quality of your jewelry as long as only a Sharif Fine Jewelers master jeweler maintains the item*.

Our warranty includes:

  • One Free Resizing
  • Lifetime Cleaning and Polishing
  • Lifetime Inspection
  • Center Stone Replacement Warranty

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Financing Options Available

Come visit us in-store for more information about our financing options on approved credit!





Call Us at any of our locations to set up an appointment.

  • SHARIF JEWELERS - FOLSOM (916) 353-1982
  • SHARIF JEWELERS - DOWNTOWN (916) 330-1977
  • SHARIF JEWELERS - VAULT (916) 488-2252



October 2019

Everybody at Sharif jewelers is great and the whole Sharif family makes you feel as if you are an extended part of their family! Always taking care of everybody's jewelry needs with their expert knowledge and exquisite taste!

"Remember you don't have to be rich and famous to shop at Sharif's!" They really do take care of everybody, I have recommended countless people and every one that I've sent down there has told me that the experience was fantastic! I love their Turkish coffee and their pastries!

See you all soon!

- Robert L

August 2019

This review is LONG overdue, and edited down due to limit. I had to delete 2000 words! When you've received such excellent service - better service and care than you've ever experienced -- the problem is how to accurately describe in words that strangers online will be able to digest in full. I can't say with more sincerity how wonderful our experience here was. From walking in the door, to becoming customers for life.

One normal day, briefly my husband and I discussed while strolling the Folsom outlets, upgrading my wedding set. We looked at the shop map, and saw a jeweler. I'm not sure if I can say the name. Browsing, I went in. I was the only customer. I was not greeted. I am polite, well put together. I am however, also an artist, and I am tattooed neck to foot. As is my husband. I digress.

When I asked for assistance, I was given a nasty up and down. I asked where their solitaire rings were. They "didn't have any". Really? You're a large chain. You have NONE. Ok. I pressed on. Could you show me a 3 carat round cut stone? "We don't have any 3 carat stones." Interesting. No solitaires, no stone examples. What I'm hearing is, you don't have anything for ME. okay. Got it. I left without a word.

Met back up with my husband, had a bit of a laugh; but by then this was a plan. We WERE upgrading my ring. He had heard of a place nearby, Sharif’s in Folsom, not far from us.

We drove over. We were met by a very professional staff. Professional but warm & kind. They invited us in, & offered us some of their delicious café.

Tom, Katie and Kareem specifically took to us and quickly we adapted and merged personalities & felt comfortable & at ease. I explained what had happened. They were shocked. From then on, that first day, they helped us for hours. I asked to see a 3 carat. They obliged. Not to sound spoiled/rotten/ungrateful, because I know and appreciate the value of all of this, my husband saw I didn't seem over the moon & we asked to see a 4 carat. I was in love. It took some time & work for them to get samples. I asked to see a 5 carat. They obliged. Ultimately I decided that the 4 carat was perfect. Then it was down to picking colors and inclusions.

Again I must point out, we are 2 people off the street they do not know, asking about extremely expensive items, who could just be taking them for a joyride. But they never flinched. By the end of the day, we left them with just our word that we would be right back. They put an express request out to have my diamond delivered by the time we returned with payment that day. By closing time we were back & paid in full for the ring, setting & rebuilding to withstand the diamond I had chosen. EVERY staff member we met were delightful. Before leaving, they surprised me with even more graciousness that had me in tears in the middle of their storeroom- I was afraid I'd scare other customers away I was so overcome with grateful emotion for their care/ honesty/genuineness that you do NOT come across every day. I entered their store with a burn and left with a "Pretty Woman" -"...big mistake. HUGE!" (Hahaha!) story of a lifetime. (Every kiss, my friends, does not always begin with K).

When my ring was ready, I made life harder on Tom. He took it with grace and stride. After all that work - I wanted to switch the diamond. So I sent them on a hunt (you're amazing) for the stone that even I couldn't quite put my finger on.

But Tom, he was my professional. Three times he ordered more diamonds in for me to look at, with care & my wants and needs in mind. This no doubt took time and effort. And then, there it was. The perfect stone. It ended up being over 4 carats, & a level or even 2 color levels up, that he secured for me for the price we had already paid. All this extra work for a deal that had already been completed. And every time we were treated with the same level of respect and familiar friendliness. I ended up with my dream diamond & beautiful sought after setting. But sentimentally, I felt badly "changing" my wedding ring. I felt uncomfortable moving the ring my husband put on my finger when we said our vows to my right hand.

They took my beautiful new ring, and attached my original wedding BAND to it, so I would still have a piece of that day attached. They go over and beyond. All the time they continue in this fashion. They've gone to the ends of their abilities to make everything perfect for us every time.

Tom, Katie, EVERYONE there- THANK YOU. For making us feel like family. You have customers for life. An Online review is a slap in the face as far as the compliments they deserve. Bring on the embarrassing "WE HEART SHARIFS!" billboard.

We later renewed our vows with my new ring & other items from them- and have lifelong memories to go along with it.

5 gold stars, 2 thumbs up, medal for overachievement, we give them all. This took too long to be written, but accurately describing the level of service and LOVE was overwhelming to draft.

- Jennifer and Tim

August 2017


So, I went on Yelp to find a local jeweler and this place popped up (there are two locations in Sacramento, both rated extremely highly). All I was looking to do was have some links removed on two watches. I was going to run other errands, so I stopped by this place. I was greeted by multiple employees, all friendly and attentive.

After being guided to the service area, I pulled out one watch and put it on. The employee looked at it, knew exactly how many links should be removed, handed it off to someone, and told me that it would be a couple of minutes. In my head, I was like, "WHAT?!" I had anticipated leaving the watches there and picking them up either later in the day or sometime the next day. He told me that if it wasn't the right number of links, they would add or remove until I was satisfied. Then he asked for my other watch (same model, different color) and handed that one off.

As I waited (literally three or four minutes from the time I handed over the first watch), I was offered coffee, water, and baklava! What a class business. I started looking around at the incredible selections of engagement rings and other items. They also do custom rings. And bam! Both watches were done. Perfectly sized! They were extremely helpful and generous. I was blown away with what transpired in a matter of minutes!


July 2017

This fine jewelry store made an indelible impression on me.

I consider myself an amateur gemologist (fascinated by gems and well-read on the subject, but not a GIA graduate). They have some exquisite diamonds and colored stones here, including some large, vivid and vivid-intense yellow and pink diamonds. I also saw some nice, large rubellite tourmalines in their case.

I waltzed in with a friend after an early dinner at Mother's. I was wearing casual clothes and flush because it was 100+ degrees outside. Despite this, they treated my friend and I with the utmost respect and attention. All of the associates were enthusiastic about showing items from the display case, even though I made it clear that we were just browsing. I declined their offer, but they served my friend Turkish coffee even though they were near closing. He enjoyed it.

They had one particular cushion-cut yellow diamond solitaire ring in excess of three carats that looked like a cauldron of sunshine and fire. It was breathtaking, and while the price was beyond my budget, it was quaint compared to what you'd expect to find at other stores that deal in such jewelry.

They also have plenty of more affordable gifts and accessories, from Swarovski fashion jewelry and figurines to Montblanc pens leather goods. Their selection of watches is also nice, featuring, among others, Hublot and Montblanc.

Based on the expert customer service and knowledgeable replies to the questions I posed, I will absolutely shop here in the future. I need the bail of a cross altered, and I trust them to get the job done. They have a bench jeweler on hand during certain weekdays, which I prefer to jewelers who have to ship items out.

If you're in the market for fine jewelry or gifts, especially large carat diamonds, I'd recommend Sharif. I'm certain you could find something nice there from $100 or less to $100,000 or more. They'll have your bases (and your budget) covered.

- Mike G

June 2016

I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and genuine interest Sharif and his staff presented to me during the process of finding the perfect engagement ring for my new fiancé.

From the start, Sharif and his staff showed genuine excitement towards designing a ring for my girlfriend and provided their experience, personal touches and opinions that ultimately built a ring that my fiancé describes as the constant reminder of the exciting future we have to look forward to and as her "dream comes true," ring.

You will feel like a member of the Sharif Jeweler family when you walk in with staff offering you Espresso and baclava! Throughout the whole process of purchasing the ring I presented to my fiancé, I felt comfortable and relieved to have such a welcoming company at the helm of an important step in my life.

I am 100% happy with the service Sharif Jewelers provided and I am beyond satisfied with the finished product. Sharif Jewelers created the perfect engagement ring leaving my fiancé in awe as she stared at it for the first time (and hasn't stopped staring at it yet)! I cannot thank Sharif enough for the experience and I cannot wait to introduce my fiancé. Thank you so much for everything!!!

- Marcus Z
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