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Jewelry Cleaning & Maintenance

Just like cars are serviced and washed, your jewelry can always use a nice cleaning and a little love! That is why all our locations offer complimentary jewelry cleaning, regardless of where you purchased your jewelry. We’ll make sure you get your items back looking good as new!

Whenever a piece of jewelry is checked into one of our workshops, it is inspected thoroughly, making sure everything is secure and ready for the full service treatment.  

Because gold and other precious metals can be malleable, stones are at risk of coming loose over time. Regular visits to Sharif Fine Jewelers allows us to catch any potential issues before they arise.

We highly recommend that you bring in your jewelry every six months for cleaning and inspection! A quick cleaning and inspection can be done while you wait in store. Please feel free to come in anytime to say hello and share a cup of our famous coffee with us while your jewelry is in our in-house service center.

A few tips to keep your jewelry in tip-top shape:

  • Remove jewelry before physical activity to avoid risk of bumping, hitting, or scratching your jewelry

  • Remove jewelry before showering and putting on creams or makeup - cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotion can not only dirty jewelry but can also contain chemicals that can damage jewelry

  • Remove jewelry before doing dishes or entering a pool or spa - chemicals can cause color changes and damage

  • Handle jewelry gently and with care - any kind of pulling or force can cause stress, and can stretch or weaken the material

  • Properly store your jewelry - store individually to avoid tangles, keep gold jewelry separate from silver items

  • Stop by Sharif Fine Jewelers at least every six months for regular jewelry maintenance check ups.


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